Decastro Family Olive Oil

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olive oil bottle with olives

100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From our family, to yours.

The DeCastro family has one mission: to turn the best California-grown olives into world-class olive oil that is bursting with flavor and filled with healthy antioxidants.

Our award-winning 100% pure California-grown Extra Virgin olive oils are cold pressed, low in fatty acids and cover a delicious range of extra virgin olive flavors—from vibrant, peppery oils pressed from olives harvested during the fall to sweet, delicate oils with the taste of summer in every drop.

Our flavored olive oils are specially processed to enhance the quality of our Extra Virgin olive oils with the true essence of the best locally grown fruits and herbs. By combining our superior quality olives with the all-natural components in the first cold press, we produce flavored olive oils with a distinctive fresh taste without infusing any heat or bitterness into the final product. It's a difference you can taste and smell from the moment you remove the cap.

Whether you're tossing it with pasta, drizzling it onto a fresh salad or using it as a dip for bread, we know you'll be completely satisfied with our DeCastro olive oils. Try one tonight!